PREMIUM QUALITY GreenFix clear gel glue dots are made of non-toxic materials following highest quality standards. Set consists of 200pcs thin oval shaped sticky dots, 0.31” x 0.52” each.

CLEAR & COMPACT: small oval shape and transparent structure of adhesive dots makes it barely noticeable and provides a secure yet non-intrusive way to display collectibles, figurines, attach or fix items, hang lightweight object.

REMOVABLE & TRACELESS: gel dots are easy to remove and don’t leave any marks or residue upon removal. Rest assured both the surface and figurines will stay clean & intact!

MULTIPURPOSE: clear sticky tack is ideal to safely display figurines and collectibles, for photos & posters hanging, arts and crafts, as balloon dots, clear putty, double sided tape for crafts.

SUITABLE SURFACES: self adhesive dots are designed to work on any clean & smooth surface. Best matches are tile, wood, plastic, glass, metal, stone. We do NOT recommend using sticky gel dots on wallpaper, painted walls, drywall - such surfaces may be damaged upon removal due to high bonding strength.

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