PREMIUM QUALITY GreenFix adhesive dots double sided! One sticky dots set includes 120PCs double sided tape dots 0.7” (20mm) diameter and 0.04” (1mm) thick each mounting putty.

DURABLE & STRONG ADHESIVE: our clear round stickers are made of clear foamed acrylic - non-toxic flexible material - with a high bonding adhesive. Sticky tape dots provide a long lasting effect and work perfectly in temperatures between -20°C (-4°F) up to 120°C (248°F).

TRACELESS removal is guaranteed with our double sided sticky dots! Any kinds of marks or residue won’t bother you. However, beware of adhesive putty extra stickiness: we do NOT advise attaching adhesive dots to painted walls, drywall or wallpaper. Best matches are glass, tiles, marble, plastic, metal, etc.

USER-FRIENDLY: sticky tack putty is safe & effortless in use. These self adhesive dots have convenient size & shape, easily cuttable, extra sticky to keep the items secured. Tacky putty is ready for immediate use - just grab the needed number of clear sticky dots and start using wall putty for all your needs!

MULTIPURPOSE: GreenFix double sided sticky pads perfect as balloon stickers, poster putty, sticky tack for wall hanging, picture hangers, sticky pads for car dashboard, wall tacks, poster tack, mounting putty for walls, convenient replacement of poster tape, double sided tape for crafts, two sided mounting tape, no nail picture hangers etc.

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