✅ PREMIUM QUALITY: GreenFix sticky tack set is made from high quality non-toxic materials and includes 2.65oz (75g) blue tack putty.

✅ REMOVABLE & REUSABLE: mounting putty can be easily removed leaving no marks or residue! After removal, you can give poster tack a second chance to live and reuse it.

❇️ SECURE VALUABLES: use museum sticky tack putty to attach collectibles & figurines, secure decorations & fragile items in a neat, safe and non-intrusive way. Wall putty is a perfect alternative to picture hangers, poster tape, sticky dots, earthquake putty. hanging strips, hooks or nails!

❇️ SUITABLE SURFACES: blue tacky adhesive putty is applicable to most smooth surfaces such as metal, plastic, glass, wood, tile, etc. For the best result make sure the surface is clean and do not paste on wet, greasy, patchy surfaces, freshly painted walls or wallpaper.

​​ FREE BONUS included in the removable poster tacky putty set for convenient use! Find the cutting tool in the box to help you remove the right amount of putty for your purpose avoiding mess.

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