❇️ BIG BULK SET of mounting putty to last you a long time! Set includes 19oz (540g) of white adhesive putty and a special cutting tool. Sticky tack is pre-cut into 1000pcs mounting squares, 0.4” x 0.4” (1cm x 1cm) each.

✅ PREMIUM QUALITY: GreenFix sticky putty is made of highest quality non-toxic materials, that provide high bonding strength, no marks or residue upon removal and are absolutely safe to use.

❇️ MULTIPURPOSE: mounting putty is perfect for hanging lightweight objects, crafting, keeping valuables in place. Use putty for hanging pictures, chore chart & calendars or home organization, as poster hanger, museum putty, attach your car accessories, keep collectibles secured.

✅ REMOVABLE & REUSABLE: poster putty can be easily removed, once you change your mind. After removal, you can give tacky putty a second chance to live and reuse it, no need to grab a new piece of ticky tack.

❇️ SUITABLE SURFACES: wall putty is safe to use on most dry & clean surfaces such as tile, wood, metal, plastic, glass, stone. We DO NOT recommend using sticky tack putty on wallpaper, drywall and/or painted walls as the strong adhesive bond may cause damage upon removal.

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