HIGH BONDING STRENGTH: rest assured our heavy duty mounting strips provide super strong adhesion thanks to high bonding acrylic adhesive and will secure your items and keep them in place.

PRACTICAL SIZE: in one nano adhesive tape set you get 28 clear sticky strips 5cm (1.9in) long, 1.5cm (0.6in) wide and 2mm (0.07in) thick each. GreenFix clear sticky tack is made of clear foamed acrylic - durable, flexible and elastic material that can be cut easily if needed. In addition, you receive a pair of foldable scissors as a FREE BONUS to try it out!

MULTIFUNCTIONAL: these double sided adhesive pads can be used anywhere and work great as picture hanging strips, heavy duty strips, mounting strips, poster hanging strips, adhesive pads for mounting, sticky pads for car dashboard, mounting putty, wall putty, waterproof tape, picture frame hangers, wall adhesive strips removable, carpet tape, rug tape, poster putty, sticky tack for wall hanging, etc.

EASY TO USE: clear nano adhesive strips are already cut into conveniently sized pieces for you and ready for immediate use. Our hanging strips are made of non-toxic, waterproof material that withstands temperatures from -20°C (-4°F) to 120°C (248°F) which is perfect for outdoor use.

SUITABLE SURFACE: Beware of high stickiness! We do NOT advise attaching sticky strips to wallpaper, painted wall, drywall - it won’t affect mounting strips performance but such surfaces may be damaged upon removal due to strong adhesion. Best matches are tiles, glass, metal, plastic, wood, stone.

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